Content Pilot Releases the Results of the “How do you Measure up? 2016 AmLaw Global 50 Websites: Ten Foundational Best Practices” Research.

Content Pilot researchers reviewed 70 attributes for each of the 50 websites for a total of 3,500 total attributes. Websites that launched prior to July 1, 2016 were included in the Content Pilot study.

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Strategy and Technology with Direction

Content Pilot uses strategy and technology to drive business forward—utilizing Web sites, proposal centers and other tools to leverage a professional’s wisdom, knowledge and experience in ways that are meaningful to buyers of legal and other professional services.

Our approach to law firm marketing and technology projects is unique in this industry. We combine: 1) more than 30 years working in-house or with law firm marketing departments, 2) proven success providing award-winning branding and design solutions to legal industry leaders, and 3) the latest, most robust technology that is designed for ease of use by a non-technical team of users.

Content Pilot is a woman-owned company.

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