Of Counsel Magazine Interview with Deborah McMurray

With Decades of Law Firm Service, Marketing Pioneer Continues to Impress

August 2017
In the spring of 2013, chief marketing officer Allen Fuqua of Texas-based Winstead and Deborah McMurray, the outside Web site and marketing expert he had hired to revamp the law firm’s site, were presenting two designs to the partnership’s chairman of the board and its executive director. The law firm leaders were trying to decide which design they liked the best and then they’d recommend that one to the entire board.
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Big fish eating little fish

Author: Deborah McMurray
Altman Weil MergerLine tracks law firm mergers of virtually any size, and they report that 2017 is a banner year. Those of us who are embedded in the legal industry knew this, but it's important to have the data supporting all the water-cooler conversations - and happy hours over Pinot Noir or a Sazerac.
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Author: Deborah McMurray
I was recently interviewed for an article called, "Best Practices for Law Firm Websites." It was an honor to talk passionately about how law firms can build world-class websites with the Aprio Advisors interviewer. They have posted the article on a rich news portal called, "What's Next" - The insights today's business leaders need to tackle what's next.  I promise, it's worth reading.
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