Author: Deborah McMurray
"Don't waste a perfectly good crisis, " is what I heard from a law firm managing partner whose firm has recently gone through some challenging times. It's not just a great lesson in optimism, it's important for us all to remember as we encounter and confront challenges - and identify the best ways to climb through them.
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Author: Deborah McMurray
Here is a snapshot of how law firms approach the topic of "Experience Management:"
  1. It's someone else's job - "Put a few people together from IT and marketing and see what you can come up with. Make a recommendation. Don't bother the lawyers."
  2. Toe in the water - "See if you can find a willing practice group to be our guinea pig."
  3. Sharing isn't mandatory - "I  don't want to share my matter list in case I leave the firm. (Or, because it's in such disarray, I'd be embarrassed if you saw it.)"
  4. Paralysis - "We have everyone on board. We have no idea where to begin."
  5. Inclusion - "We want to include every matter from the dawn of time."
  6. Culture-fixer - "We want the experience database to bring lawyers together so they'll trust each other - so they'll finally cross-sell."
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Author: Deborah McMurray
Doing anything that moves the needle is hard.  All the "I resolve to do this and that (eat more kale / break a sweat / cook more / drink less)" business requires so much diligence and determination that, by now, most resolutions are on the cutting room floor.  I used to have a cartoon on the magnetic face of an old file cabinet, "At least I am protected by the goodness of my intentions." You know what?  No, I'm not - and you aren't, either.  Good intentions do not move any needles.
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