Iyad Jabri

Chief Technology Officer

Iyad Jabri, Chief Technology Officer, is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of Intelliun Corporation. Iyad is the chief system architect for the Content Pilot suite of products, including the centerpiece tools, CP Web Pilot, Proposal Pilot, CP Deals & Cases and others.

He is the general manager of operations and Chief Architect for The Virtual Enterprise (VE). His extensive knowledge of how to design intuitive and easy to use technology systems for business environments, and his thought leadership is often engaged for industry events and client meetings.

Iyad founded Intelliun after 16 years of experience in advanced software engineering. Formerly with ObjectSpace, he was the Chief Architect of the Voyager product line, a suite of middleware products for developing and deploying enterprise level applications. Previously, Iyad held various technical, managerial, and executive positions at NORTEL, Texas Instruments, IBS and MCS.

At the age of 16, Iyad developed a bilingual, fully integrated 4GL-development environment, including a natural language source code editor, compiler, virtual machine, debugger, screen/report editor and relational database engine for the MS-DOS platform. Iyad's goal, even then, was to provide an environment that simplifies and shortens the development process of business systems.

Iyad Jabri


  • BS, University of Texas at Arlington


  • T972.489.4062
6600 LBJ Freeway #165
Dallas, TX 75240