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Of Counsel Magazine Interview with Deborah McMurray
With Decades of Law Firm Service, Marketing Pioneer Continues to Impress
August 2017
Published in Of Counsel Magazine
In the spring of 2013, chief marketing officer Allen Fuqua of Texas-based Winstead and Deborah McMurray, the outside Web site and marketing expert he had hired to revamp the law firm’s site ...
2016 LMA Your Honor Awards Winners!04.18.16
Content Pilot won three Your Honor Awards at the 2016 LMA International Conference!
Texas Legal Marketing: An $80 Million Industry and Growing11.07.14
By Mark Curriden
Published in The Texas Lawbook
Two decades ago, most Texas law firms were just experimenting with the concept of legal marketing.
2014 COLPM Futures Conference Innovations - TED Talks and Shark Tank Presentations10.16.14
The 2014 Futures Conference was filled with innovators and new ways of looking at law firms and legal service delivery. Read our Google Doc Recap of Thursday's TED talks, initial innovative ideas and the ten team "Shark Tank" presentations.
Radio-Age Meets Internet-Age: How Do Different Generations of Lawyers Communicate?05.29.14
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Generations are strongly shaped by historic and technological developments during the first two decades of their lives. These in turn lead to different values and different approaches to work and the workplace.
To Satisfy New Search Algorithms, Legal Websites Need Quality Content05.29.14
By Janet Ellen Raasch
The success of a law-firm website is determined by how many clients and potential clients visit the site, spend time there and take action based on what they discover.
Alternative Fee Arrangements That Work for Clients and LawyersMay/June 2014
By Deborah McMurray and Paul Bonner
Published in Law Practice Magazine
Being open to alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) and initiating the conversation on that subject can reduce the risk of having a relationship-jeopardizing fee dispute.
Strong Trends Energize Law Firm Market Research03.06.14
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Most lawyers believe that they know what their clients want. Shockingly often, these lawyers are mistaken. As a result, they make poor business and business development decisions.
Learn from the big guys:  Tested marketing tips work for law firms02.03.14
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Each law firm has a brand in the marketplace – whether by intention or by accident. Your brand is what makes a client choose (or not choose) you as legal counsel rather than a competitor.
RFPs: To Play or Not to Play, That Is The Question10.01.13
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Not so long ago, the legal marketplace was much less competitive. Business clients with legal problems would routinely turn to “their” local lawyer or law firm to handle the matter. Case closed.


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