A Pimento Cheese Sandwich Changed My Life

By Keith N. Wewe
Published in LMASE Newsletter

Several weeks ago, I attended a birthday party for a friend where an attendee proudly proclaimed, “That pimento cheese sandwich changed my life.” Intrigued as to how an inanimate object such as a sandwich could have such a profound impact on this woman’s reason for being, I pulled up a stool and dug deeper into her comments. As it turns out, that sandwich actually did what she said – it changed her life. Through a chain of events that started with the sandwich, she was able to build a stronger relationship with a friend from college, gain a new found respect for her family, and realize the importance of injecting a touch fun into each and every day – all for the staggering price of $4.50.

Her sandwich got me thinking about how normal, everyday events impact us personally and professionally. A trip to the mall, getting stuck in rush hour traffic, attending a random cocktail reception – these are all things that could set off a chain of events that profoundly impact us.

So, here’s my point – this year, let LMA be the pimento cheese sandwich for your professional life.

Currently, the entire LMA community is abuzz with offerings for the coming year and below, I’ve listed a few items where you could participate and, possibly, the transformative process will begin:

  • Attend the LMA International Conference in Orlando from April 4-6
  • Volunteer your time on an International or Southeastern Chapter committee
  • Attend a local City Group event to hear the best and the brightest share their knowledge
  • Be a mentor for another LMASE member
  • Register to attend a webinar being planned by the International Education Committee
  • Write a white paper for the LMASE monthly newsletter
  • Go to lunch with a LMASE member you don’t know
  • Post a comment or question to LMA Connect

I wish you all the luck in finding the right activity that positively impacts your legal marketing career. You can always find more opportunities on the LMA website at www.legalmarketing.org/southeastern.

I would love to hear your stories, too. You can email them to pimentocheeze@gmail.com and I’ll report on them in future editions of our newsletter.