What`s Next? Web Sites will Lead Brand Stewardship

By Deborah McMurray
Published in Law Practice Management

Several authors were asked by the Editor in Chief of Law Practice Management to look into the future and predict "what`s next."

Non-or anti-branding will no longer be issues with law firm Web sites. Too many firms launch "me, too" Web sites and are getting no branding benefit—even if they have offline branding initiatives in place. The site should reflect a firm’s personality, style of doing business and speak to its target audiences. From home page to interior pages, from images to color and content, it should distinguish the firm, be relevant, and deliver on all promises and claims made.

In the future, a lawyer will design a Web site like he’d design his new house. S/he’d plan the space—how it feels, how it handles growth and how it reflects her or his style. What kind of entertaining does s/he want to do?

Lawyers who view each visitor as a guest in their homes will deliver a differentiating experience.

Deborah McMurray is a strategic marketing consultant to the legal industry. She can be reached at 214.351.9690 or mcmurray@contentpilot.net


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