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Law Firm Web Sites: Ten Foundational Best Practices02.01.06
By Deborah McMurray
Published in HEADNOTES, a publication of the Dallas Bar Association
We live in a Web site world. The economics and ubiquitous nature of the Internet testify to this. Organizations have multiple goals for their Web sites, but the primary one should be to simply communicate what you do and how you do it.
Six Ways to Build Your Reputation Online02.01.05
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Rip It
As a practicing lawyer, your credibility and reputation are everything. They take years to build and only minutes to destroy. So, just as you can’t afford any missteps in your representation of clients, you can’t afford gaffes in your communications....
Turn your Firm's Marketing Budget into a Strategic Planning Tool10.15.04
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Published in LawMarketing Portal
During boom times, most law firm marketing budgets turn into overgrown fields where sacred cows graze, growing fat and happy on a rich diet of unquestioned country club memberships, unexamined entertainment allowances and unlimited directory listings...
Investing in Long Term Success: An Altman Weil Expert Roundtable09.01.04
By Thomas S. Clay, Deborah McMurray
Published in Law Practice
In today's marketplace, being a highly effective lawyer seems to require greater levels and types of contributions and skills than ever before. If that is true, what are some of the things that lawyers must do throughout their careers to be seen as ...
ABA Book:  The Lawyer's Guide to Marketing, 2nd editionFall 2004
By James A. Durham and Deborah McMurray
Published in Published by the American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section
This best-selling book is a comprehensive look at strategic marketing best practices. Written by nearly 20 industry experts and edited by Jim Durham and Deborah McMurray, it is considered an extraordinary resource for large and small firms alike.
On the Edge: Market Research - Hunting for Value08.01.04
By Deborah McMurray
Harry Beckwith, in his popular 2000 book, The Invisible Touch, discusses the limits of research. He talks about the unreliability of subjects, and says, "People who know they are being studied change what they [normally] do."
19 1/2 Things Every Lawyer Should Know about Web Sites08.01.04
By Deborah McMurray
Law firms are investing more in the design and development of their Web sites than ever before. However, during a recent speech to the Orange County Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association, nearly half of the attendees (lawyers and marketers) said...
Measure for Measure: Client Profitability is the "Giant's Strength" Inside your Firm03.01.04
By Deborah McMurray and Barbara Harrison Kaye
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Law firm marketers are typically familiar with the concept of firm revenue – from the billable hours that generate it, to the aggregate figures that we find listed in (and often submit to) various publications. However, the true measure of law firm b...
What is Dallas' Promise?02.09.04
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Dallas Morning News
Dallas’ citizens now know that The Richards Group has been hired to "brand" our city. The headline of Henry Tatum’s February 4, 2004 column was, "We need to put a brand on Dallas to be competitive," and Steve Blow’s Sunday (February 8, 2004) column l...
The Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing Your Practice02.02.04
By James A. Durham and Deborah McMurray
Published in American Bar Association, Law Practice Management Section
This new, expanded, and revised edition will help you master the creative marketing solutions you need. It's packed with practical ideas, innovative strategies, useful checklists, and sample marketing and action plans to help you implement a successf...


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