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Point/Counterpoint: How to Acquire New Business from Large Companies--PR or Advertising?01.01.04
By John DiBene, Esq. and Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Most AMLAW 200 firms want their lawyers to be the trusted advisors of Fortune 500 to Fortune 1000 companies. Most of these large companies have an in-house legal department, and these departments are as different as law firm compensation systems. Som...
Meet the Super Heroes11.01.03
By Deborah McMurray (facilitator)
Published in Legal Week
In-house lawyers are finding that more and more is expected of them as regulation increases. Part watchdog, part business hotshot, part super hero - the new in-house lawyer is multi-faceted and very different to a few years ago, a collection of inter...
Try Scenario Planning10.13.03
By Deborah McMurray and Barbara Harrison Kaye
Published in Legal Times
At various legal industry conferences, when the audience was asked "Does your firm have a strategic plan?" at least half answered that they did not.. Whether a firm does or doesn’t have a strategic plan appears to have nothing to do with size, profit...
10 Things We`ve Learned from In-House Counsel in the US and Europe10.01.03
By E. Leigh Dance and Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
During the last two years, we’ve had the pleasure of facilitating discussions with senior in-house lawyers from the world’s leading corporations in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. These round tables have covered topics as diverse as crisis and reput...
Measuring Profitability06.20.03
By Deborah McMurray and Barbara Harrison Kaye
Published in Legal Times
Law firm leaders closely correlate profitability to revenue. But even if revenues are rising slightly in the largest firms, as a recent Citigroup "Flash Survey" indicated, it doesn’t necessarily mean that profits are correspondingly rising. It’s time...
Brobeck: When Your Future is at Stake... A Kept Promise or Just Advertising?03.17.03
By Deborah McMurray
Published in LawMarketing Portal
Everyone has an opinion about Brobeck, and most seem willing to share it. Legal industry conservatives who argue that marketing, in the broadest sense, and branding, more specifically, DON’T WORK, are among those buzzing about Brobeck’s sudden death....
What's in Your Budget? All Spending Should Advance the Firm`s Strategic Goals and Produce Measurable Results03.15.03
By Deborah McMurray and Barbara Harrison Kaye
Published in Daily Business Review--Florida
If you focus your strategy, you can focus your spending. This basic business premise directs law firm leaders to invest resources only in those projects and programs that get them closer to their stated goals—and suggests that they should eliminate t...
Brobeck—The Lessons NOT to Learn from its Demise03.01.03
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Cocktail parties inside and on the perimeter of the legal industry will buzz for months about Brobeck’s late January announcement of its dismantling. Some firm leaders might whisper, "But for the grace of God go I," as they quietly noodle about what ...
Law Firms Tiptoe into Marketing Arena: Proactive approach to winning business is beginning to gain ground01.17.03
By Lisa Tanner, Staff Writer
Published in Dallas Business Journal
When it comes to marketing, the legal industry isn`t leading the charge. Nonetheless marketing is catching on with firms of all sizes.
Salute to Brian Melton: 2003 Dallas Bar President01.01.03
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Dallas Bar Association
Brian Melton’s first memorable moment with the Dallas Bar Association came on December 22, 1979. He and his girlfriend, Darcy, were the first to have a wedding-related function at the Belo. And since then, he’s hardly left the building.


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