Of Counsel Magazine Interview with Deborah McMurray
With Decades of Law Firm Service, Marketing Pioneer Continues to Impress
August 2017
Published in Of Counsel Magazine
In the spring of 2013, chief marketing officer Allen Fuqua of Texas-based Winstead and Deborah McMurray, the outside Web site and marketing expert he had hired to revamp the law firm’s site ...
2016 LMA Your Honor Awards Winners!04.18.16
Content Pilot won three Your Honor Awards at the 2016 LMA International Conference!
Texas Legal Marketing: An $80 Million Industry and Growing11.07.14
By Mark Curriden
Published in The Texas Lawbook
Two decades ago, most Texas law firms were just experimenting with the concept of legal marketing.
2014 COLPM Futures Conference Innovations - TED Talks and Shark Tank Presentations10.16.14
The 2014 Futures Conference was filled with innovators and new ways of looking at law firms and legal service delivery. Read our Google Doc Recap of Thursday's TED talks, initial innovative ideas and the ten team "Shark Tank" presentations.
Radio-Age Meets Internet-Age: How Do Different Generations of Lawyers Communicate?05.29.14
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Generations are strongly shaped by historic and technological developments during the first two decades of their lives. These in turn lead to different values and different approaches to work and the workplace.
To Satisfy New Search Algorithms, Legal Websites Need Quality Content05.29.14
By Janet Ellen Raasch
The success of a law-firm website is determined by how many clients and potential clients visit the site, spend time there and take action based on what they discover.
Alternative Fee Arrangements That Work for Clients and LawyersMay/June 2014
By Deborah McMurray and Paul Bonner
Published in Law Practice Magazine
Being open to alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) and initiating the conversation on that subject can reduce the risk of having a relationship-jeopardizing fee dispute.
Strong Trends Energize Law Firm Market Research03.06.14
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Most lawyers believe that they know what their clients want. Shockingly often, these lawyers are mistaken. As a result, they make poor business and business development decisions.
Learn from the big guys:  Tested marketing tips work for law firms02.03.14
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Each law firm has a brand in the marketplace – whether by intention or by accident. Your brand is what makes a client choose (or not choose) you as legal counsel rather than a competitor.
RFPs: To Play or Not to Play, That Is The Question10.01.13
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Not so long ago, the legal marketplace was much less competitive. Business clients with legal problems would routinely turn to “their” local lawyer or law firm to handle the matter. Case closed.
Match Lawyers' Business Development Efforts to Personality Traits09.01.13
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Lawyers are smart people. Most lawyers have attended presentations on how to develop new business and enhance their practices. As a result, most of them clearly understand the theory behind business development. Most of them sincerely want to get ...
When Persuading, Body Language Beats Words07.03.13
By Janet Ellen Raasch
In any law firm, there is a lot of persuasion going on. Persuasion and negotiation are, after all, essential skills in the practice of law.
Competing on Intelligence: Finding Your Firm's Competitive Edge03.25.13
April is a great month for sports fans. It begins with the NCAA Final Four, followed by the start of the Major League Baseball season, the NCAA Frozen Four, the start of the NBA and NHL playoffs, and finally ends with the NFL Draft. April also marks ...
PR Skills Boost Law Firms03.01.13
By Janet Ellen Raasch
A law firm that wants to position and maintain its brand in the marketplace has two options. It can pay a considerable amount to get its name before the public via advertising and sponsorships. Alternatively (and often additionally) it can “earn” an ...
Easy, Essential SEO for Lawyers and Law firms01.23.13
By Janet Ellen Raasch
If your law firm is not showing up on the first page of search results, you are nowhere. Very few online searchers ever go beyond the first page of results. In the eyes of Internet users (everyone), if you do not appear on this first page, you are no...
Next Generation of Law Firm Websites10.29.12
By Janet Ellen Raasch
The best law firm websites have an entirely new look and feel. Propelling these dramatic changes are the user interfaces and content delivery systems popularized by smartphones and tablets, as well as online usage preferences and habits created by s...
Process Helps Lawyers Accept, Implement Innovation10.08.12
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Marketers operate in the realm of innovation. If it’s been done before, they believe, it’s rarely worth doing the same way again. Most lawyers, by contrast, operate in the realm of precedent. If it hasn’t been done before, it’s risky.
New Brand World:  How Law Firms Brand and Re-Brand08.01.12
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Today, the concept of branding has been further expanded to the professional services industry. With so many lawyers and law firms milling about, a brand is a valuable way to distinguish one lawyer and one law firm from another.
Relationship-Based Marketing Works Best for Law Firms08.01.12
By Janet Ellen Raasch
In his Rhetoric, Aristotle lays out his three tools of persuasion – good sense, shared values and friendliness. If you closely watch any modern-day ad campaign, you will see that these tools are still as valid as the day they were first recorded.
Doing well by doing good: Law firm social responsibility06.06.12
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Corporations increasingly subscribe to the principle of corporate social responsibility. CSR is based on the belief that a demonstration of concern for the environment, human rights, community development and the welfare of their employees can make a...
Three Ways to Make Your Website More Dynamic12.14.11
By Deborah McMurray
Published in
Do you want to find a way to compete better at a low or no cost? Are you ready to be viewed as the most relevant expert in your field? Well, if more effective marketing is on your list of resolutions for 2012, give this one a try: “I resolve to make ...
Don’t Be Afraid of Ghosts!
A Good Writing Consultant Can Give Lawyers’ Content That Extra Edge
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Lawyers and law firms often consult with outside writing consultants – or ghostwriters -- for important projects. The lawyer provides legal expertise and the professional writer contributes speed, news context and clear, persuasive style.
Truly Engaged Employees
Lead to Highly Successful Law Firms
By Janet Ellen Raasch
A truly engaged employee is one who believes so strongly in an organization that he or she invests discretionary effort in its success. In other words, a truly engaged employee is someone who regularly goes above and beyond his or her job descriptio...
Just Like Athletes, Lawyers Can Benefit From (Business Development) Coaching06.30.11
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Professional athletes rely on their coaches – experienced individuals who help them hone their performance skills, create focused competition strategies and maintain a high level of motivation over the course of a career. Similarly, a good coach can ...
President’s Message - Playground Rules03.25.11
By Keith Wewe
Published in LMASE Newsletter
Earlier this month, I played daddy for the day for my 4 year-old niece, Kailey, at “Dad’s Day” at her school in Austin. My brother was away on one of his frequent business trips and since we are identical twins - I was a logical stand-in. I loved it....
How to "Pitch" Your Legal Services
So That Clients Will "Catch"
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Congratulations! Thanks to a lot of hard work, you've finally nailed down the opportunity to "pitch" your legal services to a targeted, qualified client. Obviously, you want to make the most of this hard-won opportunity. "Solid presentation skills ar...
A Pimento Cheese Sandwich Changed My Life02.04.11
By Keith N. Wewe
Published in LMASE Newsletter
Several weeks ago, I attended a birthday party for a friend where an attendee proudly proclaimed, “That pimento cheese sandwich changed my life.” Intrigued as to how an inanimate object such as a sandwich could have such a profound impact on this wom...
Nine Questions to Ask About Your Firm's Website02.02.11
By Deborah McMurray
Law firms are investing more in the design and development of their Web sites than ever. But are your visitors any happier? No matter your law firm's size or budget, visitors expect the same intuitive experience that they have with, Southwest...
Managing Partners Appreciate Strategic Role of Marketing Department (Guest Author: Janet Ellen Raasch)11.29.10
By Janet Ellen Raasch
A law firm or law office managing partner wears many hats. Some managing partners are able to dedicate themselves full time to leading the law firm, but many others fulfill management responsibilities on a part-time basis while also representing cli...
Transparency: Beyond the Extranet (ILTA Presentation)08.24.10
By Julie Kremer, Jon Parish, Deborah McMurray and Steve McHargue
Clients want their outside lawyers to add seamless support of what they do day-to-day. What does that look like? Deborah McMurray and other industry leaders recently explored this question at the International ILTA conference in Las Vegas.
Law Firm Extranet Survey Results08.20.10
By Julie Kremer, Jon Parish, Deborah McMurray, Steve McHargue and Cheryl Disch
In July 2010 we posted a survey to various ILTA E-Groups to collect information from firms about their use of extranets and related technologies. This research summary was instrumental in developing a panel presentation at the 2010 Conference, titled...
2 Arrows to Build Up Your BI Quiver07.05.10
By Elizabeth Lampert and Deborah McMurray
Published in The National Law Journal
As law firms continue to evaluate their marketing and business development spending and approach new initiatives with caution, their leaders want to know what they are getting for their money.
Law Firm 4.0
Considerations for the Global Law Firm in 2020
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Bright Ideas:  Insights from Legal Luminaries Worldwide
Bright Ideas is a collection of 26 essays by global legal industry leaders on where we've been and where we're going. The book is the brain child of and edited by E. Leigh Dance, the founder of ELD International, Inc. "Law Firm 4.0" is an essay tha...
Debunking the Myths of Convergence: An Interview with Rees Morrison10.22.08
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Deborah McMurray's interview with Rees Morrison, a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) who has advised law departments for nearly 20 years to help them better manage themselves and their outside counsel.
ABA Book:  The Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet, 3rd Ed.10.01.07
By Gregory H. Siskind, Deborah McMurray and Richard P. Klau
Published in American Bar Association, Law Practice Management Section
This is the third edition of the ABA's popular book on Internet marketing. Deborah McMurray, Rick Klau and Greg Siskind wrote the 2nd edition, too, and Greg Siskind wrote the first as a lawyer/Internet pioneer. Purchase the book at the ABA Web site...
Marketing Legal Services on the Internet
Positioning and Branding on the Web
By Deborah McMurrary
Websites should be designed to be interactive, ever changing, always relevant and personal. Lawyers are missing out if they aren't creating firm websites that educate and inform their clientele. A website should differentiate and uniquely position th...
Search Engine Optimization - CP Best Practices06.01.07
By Keith Wewe
As the Internet has become the dominant research tool of business, including C‐level executives, a firm’s online visibility and awareness plays a larger role in business development.
WHITE PAPER: AmLaw 100 Web Sites 2006 - An Analysis of Ten Foundational Best Practices09.01.06
By Deborah McMurray
An analysis of the 2006 AmLaw 100 Web sites, based on Ten Foundational Best Practices
Web Site Strategies—Where in the Web?04.10.06
If your site is not attracting visitors, it is not working for you. In other words, it’s a waste of money. Know who you’re looking for, how they look for you and how to keep them coming back for more.
Law Firm Web Sites: Ten Foundational Best Practices02.01.06
By Deborah McMurray
Published in HEADNOTES, a publication of the Dallas Bar Association
We live in a Web site world. The economics and ubiquitous nature of the Internet testify to this. Organizations have multiple goals for their Web sites, but the primary one should be to simply communicate what you do and how you do it.
Six Ways to Build Your Reputation Online02.01.05
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Rip It
As a practicing lawyer, your credibility and reputation are everything. They take years to build and only minutes to destroy. So, just as you can’t afford any missteps in your representation of clients, you can’t afford gaffes in your communications....
Turn your Firm's Marketing Budget into a Strategic Planning Tool10.15.04
By Janet Ellen Raasch
Published in LawMarketing Portal
During boom times, most law firm marketing budgets turn into overgrown fields where sacred cows graze, growing fat and happy on a rich diet of unquestioned country club memberships, unexamined entertainment allowances and unlimited directory listings...
Investing in Long Term Success: An Altman Weil Expert Roundtable09.01.04
By Thomas S. Clay, Deborah McMurray
Published in Law Practice
In today's marketplace, being a highly effective lawyer seems to require greater levels and types of contributions and skills than ever before. If that is true, what are some of the things that lawyers must do throughout their careers to be seen as ...
ABA Book:  The Lawyer's Guide to Marketing, 2nd editionFall 2004
By James A. Durham and Deborah McMurray
Published in Published by the American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section
This best-selling book is a comprehensive look at strategic marketing best practices. Written by nearly 20 industry experts and edited by Jim Durham and Deborah McMurray, it is considered an extraordinary resource for large and small firms alike.
On the Edge: Market Research - Hunting for Value08.01.04
By Deborah McMurray
Harry Beckwith, in his popular 2000 book, The Invisible Touch, discusses the limits of research. He talks about the unreliability of subjects, and says, "People who know they are being studied change what they [normally] do."
19 1/2 Things Every Lawyer Should Know about Web Sites08.01.04
By Deborah McMurray
Law firms are investing more in the design and development of their Web sites than ever before. However, during a recent speech to the Orange County Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association, nearly half of the attendees (lawyers and marketers) said...
Measure for Measure: Client Profitability is the "Giant's Strength" Inside your Firm03.01.04
By Deborah McMurray and Barbara Harrison Kaye
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Law firm marketers are typically familiar with the concept of firm revenue – from the billable hours that generate it, to the aggregate figures that we find listed in (and often submit to) various publications. However, the true measure of law firm b...
What is Dallas' Promise?02.09.04
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Dallas Morning News
Dallas’ citizens now know that The Richards Group has been hired to "brand" our city. The headline of Henry Tatum’s February 4, 2004 column was, "We need to put a brand on Dallas to be competitive," and Steve Blow’s Sunday (February 8, 2004) column l...
The Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing Your Practice02.02.04
By James A. Durham and Deborah McMurray
Published in American Bar Association, Law Practice Management Section
This new, expanded, and revised edition will help you master the creative marketing solutions you need. It's packed with practical ideas, innovative strategies, useful checklists, and sample marketing and action plans to help you implement a successf...
Point/Counterpoint: How to Acquire New Business from Large Companies--PR or Advertising?01.01.04
By John DiBene, Esq. and Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Most AMLAW 200 firms want their lawyers to be the trusted advisors of Fortune 500 to Fortune 1000 companies. Most of these large companies have an in-house legal department, and these departments are as different as law firm compensation systems. Som...
Meet the Super Heroes11.01.03
By Deborah McMurray (facilitator)
Published in Legal Week
In-house lawyers are finding that more and more is expected of them as regulation increases. Part watchdog, part business hotshot, part super hero - the new in-house lawyer is multi-faceted and very different to a few years ago, a collection of inter...
Try Scenario Planning10.13.03
By Deborah McMurray and Barbara Harrison Kaye
Published in Legal Times
At various legal industry conferences, when the audience was asked "Does your firm have a strategic plan?" at least half answered that they did not.. Whether a firm does or doesn’t have a strategic plan appears to have nothing to do with size, profit...
10 Things We`ve Learned from In-House Counsel in the US and Europe10.01.03
By E. Leigh Dance and Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
During the last two years, we’ve had the pleasure of facilitating discussions with senior in-house lawyers from the world’s leading corporations in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. These round tables have covered topics as diverse as crisis and reput...
Measuring Profitability06.20.03
By Deborah McMurray and Barbara Harrison Kaye
Published in Legal Times
Law firm leaders closely correlate profitability to revenue. But even if revenues are rising slightly in the largest firms, as a recent Citigroup "Flash Survey" indicated, it doesn’t necessarily mean that profits are correspondingly rising. It’s time...
Brobeck: When Your Future is at Stake... A Kept Promise or Just Advertising?03.17.03
By Deborah McMurray
Published in LawMarketing Portal
Everyone has an opinion about Brobeck, and most seem willing to share it. Legal industry conservatives who argue that marketing, in the broadest sense, and branding, more specifically, DON’T WORK, are among those buzzing about Brobeck’s sudden death....
What's in Your Budget? All Spending Should Advance the Firm`s Strategic Goals and Produce Measurable Results03.15.03
By Deborah McMurray and Barbara Harrison Kaye
Published in Daily Business Review--Florida
If you focus your strategy, you can focus your spending. This basic business premise directs law firm leaders to invest resources only in those projects and programs that get them closer to their stated goals—and suggests that they should eliminate t...
Brobeck—The Lessons NOT to Learn from its Demise03.01.03
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Cocktail parties inside and on the perimeter of the legal industry will buzz for months about Brobeck’s late January announcement of its dismantling. Some firm leaders might whisper, "But for the grace of God go I," as they quietly noodle about what ...
Law Firms Tiptoe into Marketing Arena: Proactive approach to winning business is beginning to gain ground01.17.03
By Lisa Tanner, Staff Writer
Published in Dallas Business Journal
When it comes to marketing, the legal industry isn`t leading the charge. Nonetheless marketing is catching on with firms of all sizes.
Salute to Brian Melton: 2003 Dallas Bar President01.01.03
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Dallas Bar Association
Brian Melton’s first memorable moment with the Dallas Bar Association came on December 22, 1979. He and his girlfriend, Darcy, were the first to have a wedding-related function at the Belo. And since then, he’s hardly left the building.
Turn Client Service into a Client Experience01.01.03
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Services, like goods before them, have become commoditized. It’s harder and harder for clients to distinguish between the offerings of brand name law firm “A” and brand name law firm “B”. And, more and more clients are requesting alternative billing ...
What`s Next? Web Sites will Lead Brand Stewardship11.01.02
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Law Practice Management
Several authors were asked by the Editor in Chief of Law Practice Management to look into the future and predict "what`s next."
On the Edge: It`s Hip to be Square11.01.02
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
"It`s Hip to be Square," so says Cheryl Berman, Chair and Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnet USA. "Being ‘out of the box’ means being edgy, and edgy is out. People are more skeptical of hotshot know-it-alls. They want track records, proof of what y...
Firm Strategy Becomes Marketing/PR Mojo08.01.02
By Deborah McMurray and Nicole Quigley
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Once upon a time, there was a law firm called Snow & Snow LLP, a 250-lawyer firm in St. Louis. Its marketing program suffered from a managing partner change every two years—so the popular marketing director, fighting the inconsistencies inherent in b...
Law Firms Gain Notice by Adopting Shorter Names06.01.02
By Steven A. Meyerowitz
Published in LawMarketing Portal
According to Deborah McMurray, firms that shorten their names are following standard advertising principles established by corporate America years ago. A firm name "can have impact" and, if distinctive, can be an important client development tool.
Take a Look—Are you a Procedures or an Idea Guy?04.01.02
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
In "My Brand is Here to Stay," Passikoff, the President of Brand Keys, notes that, in spite of Wall Street’s spasms over the last year, 11 of the top 25 brands that have the most loyal customers are Internet or telecommunications brands. This is "bas...
On the Edge: What Clothes?04.01.02
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Branding works. It’s proven in all industries, even in the legal industry. However, some law firms spend fortunes on "brands" (like the emperor’s clothes) that don’t really exist.
Increase Marketing Department Credibility: Focus on Marketing Metrics04.01.02
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
It’s a perfect time to focus your firm’s strategy and its spending. Law firms from coast to coast are reacting to their clients’ business losses, stock price tailspins and employee lay-offs by engaging in one or more of the following: hiring freezes,...
Martindale-Hubbell`s Counsel to Counsel Series Comes to Philadelphia for Best Practices Discussion about Managing Corporate Crisis04.01.02
By Timothy B. Corcoran
Published in Corporate Legal Times
The extent to which a company has a crisis management plan in place before the inevitable crisis actually hits will determine how well that company responds and minimizes its risk and exposure, according to participants at a unique discussion forum t...
To Get More Clients, Law Firms Should `Press` Their Case03.15.02
By Elizabeth Lampert & Kate Casey Foley
Published in Washington Business Journal
It almost doesn`t matter whether 2002 turns out to be a boom or a bust. For law firms, competition and consolidation will mean ever-more serious marketing and business development challenges in any event.
Vinson & Elkins and Enron Unplugged03.11.02
By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys
Published in Texas Lawyer
As he closed a Feb.l5 letter sent to clients and friends, Vinson & Elkins partner Harry Reasoner slipped in the news that, except for a few lingering matters, his firm has severed its ties with Enron Corp.
On The Edge: Forever Starts Here02.01.02
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Forever starts here. I’m the Blue Dog and I can go anywhere. For George Rodrigue, Blue Dog was his ticket to firmly root his Cajun heritage, yet also transcend it. He’s revered and collected as an American artist – not simply a regional Acadian paint...
BLUR: The Speed of Change in the Connected Economy—A Book Review02.01.02
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
When the rules are blurred, it means we have an opportunity to redefine our businesses and our lives. The point is not trying to eliminate the blur (because it’s impossible) – rather, move through it – harness and leverage it "so you can enter the wo...
Take a Look—Client Relationships: Get Practical / Get Profitable01.01.02
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Look outside the legal industry for tomes that discuss client loyalty. HBR OnPoint is a series of booklets packaged by topic by Harvard Business Review. They cover most management, sales and marketing maxims about which we’d care.
Martindale-Hubbell`s Counsel to Counsel—Changing Role of Legal Counsel When Launching New Technologies01.01.02
By Timothy B. Corcoran
Published in The Corporate Counsellor
Corporate law departments assume responsibility for a wide range of matters to protect their company, but perhaps none of the aspects of the job is as demanding as overseeing the launch of new technologies.
The Marketing of Recruiting (LMA White Paper)01.01.02
By Deborah McMurray and Jeffrey Morgan
Published in Legal Marketing Association
Law firms couldn’t recruit new lawyers during the 1990s the way they did the decade before. The more bodies, the better was the mantra in the mid-eighties. The last decade of the millennium was beleagured with a bust that resulted in lay-offs of many...
Your (Best) Clients Rule!01.01.02
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Countless elements of a client relationship are “critical.” Most are so obvious to lawyers by now, they don’t need repeating. Agreeing that the elements that first come to mind are worth your focus and time, here are others that might be less apparen...
Bird`s Eye View—The Common Denominator at Successful Firms is Leadership12.14.01
By Elizabeth Lampert and Deborah McMurray
Published in Daily Journal
The past few decades have seen dramatic changes in the legal profession, including the rise of the megafirm, the demise of firms of all sizes, influx of Big 5 firms as legal practitioners and the reinvention of the practice to include nonlegal servic...
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By Blake Davis
Published in Pub Name
Short Description
Staying Alive—Release the Music Inside You07.15.98
By Deborah McMurray
Published in July 1998 Issue of Strategies: The Journal Of Legal Marketing
Life inside a law firm can be hazardous to one’s health. So can life outside the law firm. So, what makes sense for you?
On the Edge: Markets That Won`t Stand Still03.01.98
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
How did Intel Corporation generate an average annual return to investors of 44% between the years 1987 and 1997? How did Intel’s impressive earnings in one year equal those of the top ten personal computer companies combined?
Headnotes: Tech Corner—Email: Effective Communication or Electronic Embarrassment?01.01.98
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Dallas Bar Association
You only have one chance to make a first impression, so it had better be good. Attorneys thoroughly scour business correspondence before they mail it—for content, to ensure their message is clear and concise, to avoid slang or vernacular that may be ...
The Myth of the Perfect Rainmaker11.18.96
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Texas Lawyer
There’s No Perfect Personality Suited To Marketing. Anyone With A Little Time And An Open Mind Can Strengthen The Firm’s Client Base.
What`s Hot In Law Firm Marketing02.01.94
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Texas Lawyer
Finding new clients is often the hardest thing for law firms to do. We can generally determine why our existing clients continue to hire us, but why does someone new walk in the door and say, I understand you can solve my problem?
Communicating With Style09.01.92
By Deborah McMurray
Published in Law Marketing Exchange
Meetings with several attorneys and several company representatives are one of the most challenging sales settings. It appears as if there is a common goal, but everyone seems to have a different agenda, or at the very least, a unique list of require...


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