Alumni Center

Get on board with CP Alumni Pilot and successfully leverage alumni flight patterns. CP Alumni Pilot is an intuitive, easy to use Web-based tool that allows you to update, manage and implement creative alumni programs that takes advantage of the strength of the relationships formed with former lawyers and staff at your firm.

Leverage your Alumni Flight Patterns

CP Alumni Pilot was created for law firms by legal marketers, led by veteran legal marketer and author Deborah McMurray and her Content Pilot technology team. At Content Pilot, we understand what lawyers want, what drives your clients and how to implement projects on time and within budget.

CP Alumni Pilot offers…

  • A well-designed alumni Home page with which alumni can identify, offering content such as events, announcements, and current alumni status
  • Customized alumni profiles including both required and elective information
  • Personalized Home page for lawyer alumni to reflect specific practice / industry focus
  • Flexible navigation that takes alumni where they want to go with as few clicks as possible
  • Easy site maintenance—quickly and easily update the alumni site
  • Familiar Microsoft Word editing tools to add and edit content
  • Intuitive keyword search features
  • Robust security – alumni access is password protected to ensure data integrity
  • Powerful search tools including keyword searches locate other alumni

Learn How to Fly

For more information, please contact:

Keith Wewe
VP - Client Service and Growth