CP Analytics are a critical component of the websites we design and build. We closely watch the traffic patterns of visitors, and tailor the Web analytics tracker specifically to each of our client sites. Content Pilot utilizes industry standard website traffic data gathering methodologies and reporting tools to provide our clients with the reports critical to ongoing review and analysis of the performance of the firm’s site. A few examples of data we gather and report upon:

  • Referring search terms
  • Referring website or page, i.e., Google, Martindale, etc.
  • Where your visitors are based, i.e., city, state, country
  • Visitor domain
  • How long visitors spend on your site
  • Pages visited most on your site
  • Pages visited least on your site
  • Path visitors take to reach their information, i.e., site map, search tool, navigation
  • Heaviest times of the week for traffic to your site
  • Heaviest times of the day for traffic to your site

Content Pilot experts will work with the firm’s marketing staff to develop an understanding of what the firm sees as key performance indicators for the firm’s website. With these key performance indicators in mind, Content Pilot will provide a recommendation for appropriate reports and schedule.

Contact Content Pilot today for a more detailed description of CP Analytics, and how we can provide you with the tools to make your site more effective.

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For more information, please contact:

Keith Wewe
VP - Client Service and Growth