Positioning and Branding

Positioning Strategy

A bottom-line, business approach to marketplace differentiation.

Is it time to reposition your law firm to take advantage of growth in new markets, emerging and exploding industries, or firm strengths that today are unfamiliar to clients and prospects?  What if: you have lost key clients, economic conservatism has eliminated opportunites, industries are consolidating -- is it time to face this head on and upgrade your practice? Is it time to refocus all business development, client relationship management, marketing, recruiting, social media and PR efforts so that one consistent and clear message can reach your many audiences? Is it time to get a better return on your marketing investments?

Look around you. Who are your competitors? Do they look, feel and sound similar to each other - and to you? Is your message different than theirs, and does it resonate inside your firm and with the clients you want to attract? What matters to buyers of legal services? Do business executives hire lawyers using different criteria than corporate counsel?

Positioning strategy is a comprehensive analysis of your firm inside and out. We study your markets, clients, competitors, the work you do and don’t do, strengths, weaknesses, market perceptions, firm vision, your culture, plus other variables. We also recommend that we interview certain of your clients—since their perception is critical to your future success.

We write a comprehensive report and summary of the interviews, as well as recommendations for key messages and marketplace differentiation. We help you find the “promise” that your firm can uniquely deliver. This research becomes the foundation of all branding activity—marketing strategy, design and creative, PR and other decisions--it sets the stage for your firm to go to the marketplace in a more organized and powerful way.

What's Included:

  • Two or three days of confidential interviews with 28-40 lawyers
  • Optional in person or telephone interviews with key clients
  • Advance materials required: All marketing materials, resumes of lawyers interviewed, client lists
  • Strategy Leader: Deborah McMurray
  • Optional Team Members: Other marketing strategists, copywriters


It's time to brand your law firm

How do you brand a law firm, especially in a more conservative economic environment? How does a firm create and manage a brand? Does every firm need a brand? Can the marketplace tell the difference? The purpose of a brand is to give your clients and prospects something with which they can identify—something that the brand represents about your firm.

The brand is a shortcut to intellectual proof—it tells/shows the marketplace about your firm and the way you do business. If prospects don’t know your firm, it’s the brand that will frequently get you on the short list. Branding must be constant, consistent, memorable and honest. It is an opportunity for your firm to guide and control the market perception about you. What is included in a brand? Everything. And your walk must match your talk.

What's Included:

  • Identity program (logo, stationery system, etc.)
  • Collateral material, and the appearance of practice descriptions and resumes
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Web site design / extranet design
  • Social media
  • Client relationship management concepts
  • Law school and lawyer recruiting
  • Business development activity
  • Strategic marketing
  • Charitable and civic activity
  • Optimum firm size: Minimum 10 lawyers, no maximum
  • Advance participation required: Must complete positioning strategy
  • Strategy Leader: Deborah McMurray
  • Team members include: Designer, copywriter, Web team and client advocate/project manager 

Positioning and Branding Fees

Contact Deborah McMurray at 214.351.9690 or deborah.mcmurray@contentpilot.net for current fees and additional information.

Click here to view our Client Portfolio, which includes some of our positioning and branding project work.

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