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Get on board with CP Proposal Pilot™ and take the bumps out of your proposal process. Proposal Pilot is an integrated and flexible Web-based system that enables lawyers and marketers to capture, repurpose, organize and assemble information to create winning proposals.

CP Proposal Pilot is a centerpiece component of Content Pilot®, our powerful content management system that powers Web sites with superior performance. Because Proposal Pilot is Web-based, your business development team will have worldwide access to the best and latest firm information. Leverage your past and best work—this strong database is the key to finding and publishing content smoothly and completely. Your brand is visually reinforced, your messages consistent and you can rest easy that your lawyers can compete at the highest level.

Benefits of CP Proposal Pilot and our Deals & Cases Tool

Marketing technology creates cultural glue to enterprises in stressed times

  • Deals & Cases Tool – experience sharing and packaging by practice groups/industry teams
    Proposal Pilot collaboration – lawyer teams working together, plus working with marketing team—everyone knows what everyone else is doing
  • It creates practice group stickiness to the firm

Knowledge management for practice groups and industry teams

  • Quickly integrate the experience of new lateral partners
  • Advanced searchability, including keyword of archived proposals, proposal center proposals and all versions if edited in the system
  • Sophisticated reporting by types of matters, areas of law, keywords, practices, industries and lawyers
  • Quick sorting of matters for future pitches and proposals and lateral hire meetings

Cost savings, and marketers can be more strategic

  • Reduces head count. Other clients have reduced staff numbers by eliminating marketing assistants charged with packet assembly. Ranging from 1-3 FTEs
  • Lawyer time is wasted during an inefficient proposal process. Hundreds of hours (or more) per year
  • When the marketing team isn’t mired in the tactical aspects of the proposal, they can consult with lawyers on how to win the business—they are an integral strategic asset

Easy collaboration inside the Proposal Pilot system

  • Marketers email links to proposal sections without ever leaving the system. Lawyers open link/Word document, edit the page, save and close. The document is still in Proposal Pilot so all versions of edits are time-stamped, tagged with the lawyer name with notes field for later reference. All versions by all team members are trackable.
  • The marketing team maintains control of the process and product, but the lawyers have all the flexibility and control they need and want
  • Win/loss/partial win/pending/withdrawn/go-no-go tracking. Have your firm’s track record at your fingertips


  • Consistent appearance on all pitches and proposals. Saves valuable time right before deadlines—no fussing with footers, other stylistic and format issues
  • No one has to worry about formatting. Virtually all the preparation time is spent on strategy—tailoring the proposal to specific clients and their goals

Take off with Experts

CP Proposal Pilot was created for law firms by legal marketers who have been on the front lines. At Content Pilot, we know what lawyers want, what drives your clients and how to implement projects on time and within budget.

Proposal Pilot can take your proposals to new heights with:

  • Fast and easy worldwide access to firmwide information, experience and data
  • Flexible deals and cases tool that is easy to populate and update
  • Familiar Microsoft® Word editing tools and easy keyword search features
  • The ability to integrate easily with your CRM, time and billing, and other database applications unique to your firm
  • Integrates with Web site database/content to build dynamic proposals that consistently reflect the best about your firm
  • Email, print or Web link delivery options
  • Win/loss/partial win tracking and debrief notes features

We Will Help you Rise Above the Competition by Doing the Following:

  • Develop a sophisticated and flexible proposal system that enables you to create an initial proposal in minutes, and is tailored to your firm's business development needs.
  • Develop a Web-based proposal system that ensures that proposals may be easily created by marketing staff and lawyers from anywhere in the world, and it leverages content that you’ve already created. This database will store and sort deals and cases, content blocks, such as practice/industry descriptions and lawyer profiles, Word documents and PDFs. All items stored in this database will be keyword searchable, with the exception of certain image-based PDFs. 
  • Develop a proposal system that has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface—so content is easy to find, manage and keep current. 
  • Build in reporting tools so you can easily create standard reports with the ability to add customized reports.
  • Develop a proposal archive or library that is keyword searchable, so that marketing staff can quickly find past proposals to reference or copy, leveraging the work and time they have already spent.
  • Develop a system that enables users to quickly and intuitively assemble on-demand biographies or pitch materials, sort them, create a new PDF that is presentation ready and email it to a client or prospect.
  • Develop a system that fosters marketing staff / lawyer teamwork on comprehensive, strategic proposals. This includes editing functionality using a Microsoft interface, easy version tracking and follow up ticklers. This is a system that automates the tactical components of proposals and pitches so that the team can focus on the differentiating, strategic approaches to winning the business. 
  • Develop a system that aggregates firm and practice area intelligence—to leverage the knowledge currently “owned” by members of the marketing team or individual lawyers on their desktops.
  • Finally, design a system that leverages firm strengths and experience throughout the firm, and that gives marketers and lawyers easy access to the firm’s best experience, stories and data.

While your competitors are stuck in turbulence piecing together proposal content from memory and their document archives, your firm will be crafting strategic, business-winning proposals and RFP responses. All elements of the base proposal can be handled by the sophisticated, intuitive Proposal Pilot tool, which will allow you more time to focus on your top differentiators and the strategic solutions your clients want.

Learn How to Fly

For more information, please contact:

Keith Wewe
VP - Client Service and Growth