Website Audit

Analyze your website based on the latest legal industry website Ten Foundational Best Practices

The Ten Foundational Best Practices that were initially launched in 2005 evolve each year to reflect changing trends in broad website practices and changing perceptions and values of corporate counsel buyers of legal services.

A Ten Foundational Best Practices audit of your website will give you:

1. Practical data on how to enrich the website experience for your visitors, and
2. Encourage you to view your law firm website more strategically and take your website investments more seriously.

If law firms follow the guidelines within the Ten Foundational Best Practices, visitors to your website will:

1. Quickly find the information they want and need
2. Realize the differences in strategy, values, scope, reach and strength from your firm to the next
3. Return to find out more about who you are and what you offer.

This analysis gives you a practical roadmap for improvement of your current site, and gives you the direction you need to create a best practices website the next time around. 

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Deborah McMurray
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